Storytelling Influences Our Brains & Affects Our Children

We all must have observed that stories feel more engaging and emotion-stirring than basic facts, figures and bullets. It piques our curiosity and envelops us in a way that we get attached to the characters. Such is the power of a good story. Ever wondered why you feel this way? The answer is simple, our brains crave it. It even tries to make up stories out of everything to remember it better. Apps like kathakids are a good way of exposing your child to the world of stories. We are going to talk about more interesting facts regarding this now.

  • Our brains crave stories all the time. A majority of us have seen human figures and shapes in the most abstract patterns like clouds. Our brain tends to form stories around it to make it more relatable. In a way, we are obsessed with stories and try to find them all the time. Children get obsessed with youtube kids as they find the cartoons and stories very unique and fun.
  • It stimulates the senses- Whenever we hear a story, our brain tries to fit us into the story as well. Even though we may not be physically present in a situation, parts of our brain are sometimes activated as if we were. It is a dramatic change as if the brain wants to escape to the world of stories.
  • It influences our way of thinking- When a story is told, our brain tries to sync with the thoughts, experiences of the person telling it. It improves the creativity, and power of visualisation of the mind. Parents make kids watch kids youtube so that they can learn from interesting stories and stay engaged in the process.
  • Story increases sales- It has been observed that stories can be used as a powerful marketing tool to increase sales as people are more likely to respond and engage with them.

As a result, a story can not only make people hear you but also feel your emotions. Stories are also a great way to develop the minds of kids and nurture their creativity. Stories inspire young minds and play a useful tool in teaching complex ideas in a simplified manner. Apps like kutuki can teach ideas like inclusiveness, equality and develop self-esteem in young learners. They can also relieve stress and anxiety in children and help adults counsel them gently if necessary. Moreover, stories play a crucial role in developing a child’s vocabulary, by making them learn new words and showing how they are used in the real world. Most of the children start treating cartoon characters as their real friends and want to emulate them. Stories have been the means of delivering a powerful speech that can move the audience. Teaching good habits like brushing teeth and cleaning hands can be a strenuous task sometimes. For this purpose, parents use these stories as a way to make kids understand the importance of developing these good habits.