The Digital Landscape Of College Search

While it’s true that technology has long found its way into the educational systems, it also now rules the college search process for graduating high school seniors. This isn’t to say that it isn’t an invaluable resource, as there are some instances in which aspiring college students would require an entirely digital college search experience. That said, there are some intangibles that can be lost in the process of searching exclusively online. Sure, there’s nothing more detailed than viewing degree programs, curriculum and other educational offerings online. However, some of the more social aspects of a school won’t translate to a webpage. Institutions have found ways around this dilemma, however, through the use of popular social media platforms such as TikTok. Sharing candid posts of other students regarding both the social and educational elements of a college is incredibly influential to aspiring students. Couple this with all of the information available online about a college and now students have what feels like a comprehensive understanding of their college of choice. Being able to create content that can be this influential is where many colleges will struggle. To learn more about the ways in which colleges are utilizing these social media applications for recruitment, check out the infographic paired alongside this post.

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