Attention Fiction Writers – How Character Flaws Are Best Use

Some lucky people are blessed with a literary talent and with zero help or experience, a writer can pen a best-selling book, yet for most of us, we have to learn the many techniques that make us a good writer. In this short article, we take a deeper look at characters and show how character flaws can be used to good effect.

Understanding the character

If your main character is human, they will obviously have flaws, no one is perfect and by bringing flaws into the story, you allow for transitions. Character flaws mean uncertainty and risk, both of which are essential for a great story. One great example would be a facial twitch that the character has little control over; another would be a fear of flying and what happens when the character has to take a long-distance flight, otherwise all is lost. Minor quirks help the reader to bond with a character and this is used by many famous writers who gave their characters unique flaws.

Linking characters and motives

Character flaws are commonly used to link a motive to a character, which adds another dimension to the plot; for more detailed examples of this technique, an advanced Google search would take you to literary forums where such things are discussed. The theory behind story-telling is indeed complex and not all writers concern themselves with the theories of character-building and conflicts.

Major flaws

It might be that the main character has a terminal illness and they must complete a very important task; a serious obstacle would bring in a level of uncertainty; you must strike a balance regarding how much detail you give, in order to get the most out of the plot. Emotions like greed, envy, hate, rage, love, are effectively used to raise the interest level, with interesting sub-plots with intriguing characters. There are online software packages to create flaws in characters to make the plot more exciting.

Fatal flaws

Certain flaws can be fatal, which can ultimately cause a failure of the main character to achieve their goal. It might be a terminal disease, or even a daredevil disposition, which leads to death. Villains are usually blessed with fatal flaws that eventually lead to their painful demise and a skillful storyteller can play with character flaws to hold the reader’s interest.

Benefits of creative writing software

You can, for example, add information to a character in many formats, text, images, and sketches and this database allows the software to accurately describe characters and settings. Creative writing software helps the writer to build a story and create reference points for the writer. Of course, younger writers who were born into the digital age would already be using writing software, and for those mature writers who have yet to discover the wonders of digital tech, you have everything to look forward to.

AI is merging with the human consciousness to bring us incredible stories, which is an exciting thing to witness.