Why Choose Extramarks CBSE Class 7 Study Material?

Study material assists the students in enhancing their knowledge in the learning process. It also encourages the students to learn new concepts that play a key role in enhancing their knowledge. It helps them to a better interpretation of the concepts. It also enables all the students to take a positive step towards concrete learning.

Most students start referring to reference books and study material in class 7th. Class 7th acts as a base for all the further education the student will get. NCERT introduces the students to the core concepts of Science, Mathematics, and Social science subjects like History and Geography.

Science is one such subject that requires constant practice and revision. People should choose Extramarks as NCERT Science class 7 study material. The solutions in the material contain all the answers to all the questions. These answers are written in a very student-friendly way. The best part about NCERT is that they only hire people who are experts in their respective fields. Thus, the NCERT Science class 7 is curated by the experts.

The students can browse through the topics and practice the questions at their convenient time.

Extramarks provides the students with an in-depth performance report. This report helps the students focus on their strong and weak areas. The website also helps the students with their time-management skills. Chapter-wise mastery is one such concept that enables the students to choose their chapters and master all the nuances it offers.

Following are the benefits of choosing Extramarks as NCERT Science class 7 study material-

  1. Adaptive learning

It takes time for any student to adapt to any new learning method. However, Extramarks is one such website that is user-friendly. The students can get hold of all the learning methodologies and the tactics in no time.

  1. Unlimited doubt solving

The most important session that one can encounter is the doubt-solving session. When one gets access to NCERT Science Class 7 study material, one can resolve their doubts in no time. There is an unlimited doubt-solving session wherein every student’s doubt gets resolved.

  1. Customized worksheets

Extramarks also keeps a check on all the assignments and the worksheets given to the students. They prepare customized worksheets for the students. These worksheets are specifically prepared by the experts so that student can work their way around the assignments.

  1. Reports and analytics

There is a term called ‘Progress report’ that we are familiar with. It is very important to keep a check on the students’ progress. Extramarks has a separate page for the reports and the analytics of the students. A separate database is maintained for the activities and the tests the student has taken. This way, the students who get access to NCERT Science Class 7 can also get access to the other features Extramarks has to offer.

  1. Interactive education

It is very important to enjoy the process of learning. Extarmarks conducts quizzes, seminars, interactive sessions, and several other things which makes learning a fun experience.