Top 9 Internship Guides & Resources All Students Should Read

It can be daunting for students who are trying to find an internship as they lack the professional skills and experience.

But that doesn’t mean that they should just quit. The benefits of completing an internship abroad or locally cannot be dismissed. Internships can bring about great benefits such as work experience, the expansion of professional networks, as well as useful skills.

Adn to help these internship seekers, I come up with this list of internship resources for students that will surely help them in finding a perfect internship for themselves.

These guides provide helpful information such as tips on how you can find paid international internships, whether or not students should take an academic leave of absence (LOA), as well as methods on how students can find internships with no experience.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1 – InternshipHQ

This internship resource has a lot of information on companies, internships, jobs and networking events hosted by InternshipHQ . It has a job search engine which helps you search for internships worldwide. You can even upload your resumes so jobs could reach you too if they match your qualifications.

 2 – Intern Match

This one is specifically designed for interns giving them an opportunity to interview the company before accepting the internship. It provides you with a genuine picture of how much internship experience you will be gaining at that company.

3 –   

This site provides information on internships, graduate jobs, and vacation work opportunities worldwide. You can search for internships by location, start date, end date, due date etc . It has over 34000 internships available in the US alone so it is quite popular among students pursuing their masters or bachelors abroad.

4 – Graduateland  

Graduateland helps students find part time jobs , paid internships, and entry level job openings in various locations across the world . With thousands of positions indexed , browsing through hundreds of vacancies have never been easier.

5 – Internshala    

This site is popular among students who are looking for internship opportunities in India . It has more than 35000 internships available in 30 different sectors . You can also upload your resume and let companies reach you if they fit your requirements perfectly.

6 – Intern Queen    

As the name suggests, this site helps women find their dream internship across various fields like finance , marketing , public affairs, etc. You could even contact the companies directly to know more about the company before applying for their internship program .

7- Undercover Recruiter 

If you want to go by the professional opinions of people already working with these companies, then is the place where you should start your search from. They have information on companies and their culture which will help you narrow down your list of internships quickly.

8 – College Recruiter 

This one is for people looking for entry level job openings . It has more than 27000 employers listed so it is perfect if you want to know about various opportunities that are available out there.

9 – Internshifter   

One of the biggest things students face while looking for an internship abroad is visa issues as most countries do not sponsor interns coming from different cultural backgrounds . To solve this problem, this site helps you find internship opportunities based on your nationality . You can also connect with like minded individuals who are willing to share their experiences as an intern too.

Start using these internship resources today!

So, these were some of the top 9 internship guides and resources for students who are looking for an internship.

Internships are a crucial step in a student’s professional journey. It is essential that they find the best resources to help guide them along their way to career success.