The Three Common Questions to Ask International Schools

 For parents that live and work in a different country than their own, most prefer to send their children to an international school in the area. While these schools are higher in price, they typically offer a higher quality of education, as well as experienced, qualified teachers. Before enrolling your child in an international school, there are a few key questions to ask before making your final decision.

  1. What type of curriculum or framework is offered?

In large metropolis cities like Bangkok, there will be a few expected curriculums. One curriculum that is common in many international schools is the American curriculum. Schools such as Niva American International School follow this, using the Common Core State Standards as a basis for grades. Other important curriculums to note are the British, Canadian, or Australian curriculum. A popular framework in many international schools is the IB curriculum, which is sometimes implemented into schools with an existing curriculum.

  1. What extracurricular activities are offered?

Many international schools will provide extra classes or tutoring beyond the normal hours of a school day. It is common for schools to offer after-school ECAs, or extra-curricular activities. These can range from learning a language, playing a sport, or finding personal interest in the arts. For students that are serious about a particular skill and have years of practice, they may also be interested in a club. These typically require try-outs and may even ask for student time over the weekend, depending on the club. Many schools will also offer some sort of after-school tutoring, to help students excel in all subjects.

  1. What facilities exist on campus?

International schools will range from what the grounds of the school can offer. While you can expect to find classrooms, offices, and a canteen, it’s always good to ask about what other buildings are on campus. Check out the library space, the pool area, and ask about the Science labs. Find out if there is any sort of theatre for the arts or a stadium for sports. Some international schools also double as boarding schools, so there may be dorms available. The more a school can offer, the better the school.

When searching for an international school in Bangkok, be patient! There are many schools around. Ask about school tours to see if you and your child will fit in with the surrounding community. Soon, you and your family will find your perfect match.