How To Qualify NPAT Without Coaching?

Almost all of us know that SVKM’s NMIMS is one of the popular B-Schools in India. The campuses are spread across multiple cities in India. And this is one of the reasons why the NPAT exam is a sought-after choice of many BBA aspirants aiming to seek admission to the BBA programs from NMIMS. NPAT is an online CBT and speed-based test, and you must prepare as per the test format. Therefore, a fundamental step to NPAT preparation is focusing on all the topics from different sections and strengthening individual weaknesses.

Candidates appearing for NPAT 2022 exam must check the NPAT preparation tips to answer maximum questions in the exam. BYJU’s Exam Prep brings the NPAT test pattern and syllabus in a brief, detailed section-wise preparation strategy and best books for the NPAT exam.

How To Qualify NPAT Without Coaching?

If you want to crack the NPAT exam without coaching, you have to work hard. But, yes, It is quite possible to crack the exam in one go. So, let’s start the NPAT 2022 preparation strategy below.

Quantitative & Numerical Ability

To solve the questions in this section, it is important to memorize various mathematical formulas. Questions will be from Percentage, Compound Interest & Annuities, Profit and Loss, Discount, Ration and Proportions, Measures of Dispersion, Basic Algebraic Identities, Equations- Linear, Mean, Mode, Identities, Heights, and other important topics. As NPAT is a speed-based test, test takers must learn the shortcut formulas over-elaborate and time-consuming methods. However, this can be handy to derive answers in a short period.

Reasoning & General Intelligence

In this section, to solve questions based on critical thinking, test takers should analyze the roles and conditions and solve the questions based on them. For questions related to problem-solving, try to analyze the information and assimilate them in a suitable form to answer those questions.

While solving questions from the verbal and logical reasoning section, you should derive conclusions from the logical premises or assess the reality of arguments based on statements of the facts. Next, in the Data Sufficiency section, analyze if the information provided is sufficient to answer the questions or whether additional information is required. Finally, in the numerical reasoning section, dive in to identify the class and sub-class relationship within a provided group of items and illustrate it into diagrams for comprehension.

Candidates need to read and use the information provided in the graphs and charts to answer Data Interpretation answers. While solving questions from the Spatial Reasoning, select a figure from the alternatives that match the relationship specified by the given figural pair. As much as possible, try to analyze the common quality in figures to match them or find the odd one out. Then, discover common patterns in forming figures in a sequence to complete the series/identify the missing figures.

Proficiency in the English Language

In this section, test takers need to recognize grammatical structure and usage, determiners, use prepositions, connectives, tenses appropriately. They are basically grasping the meaning of underlined words in sentences, using appropriate words in a given context, and putting ideas into logical sequences by putting the jumbled sentences in the correct order. However, to solve questions from the reading comprehension section, it is important for the test takers to locate information, identify and interpret relationships and ideas, grasp ideas, moods, characteristics, tone of the passage, infer, get the central theme, and evaluate given passage.

BYJU’s Exam Prep experts recommend novels, newspapers, and online grammar tests to have proficiency in English. Thus, the English section, if answered well, can help test takers fetch full marks easily.


Check the section-wise NPAT Books 2022 below.

  • Quantitative and Numerical Ability Books: Quantitative Aptitude Numerical Ability – 1276: Numerical Ability (Fully Solved) 7000 + Objective Questions by Kiran Prakashan, Pratiyogita Kiran
  • Reasoning and GI: General Intelligence and Test of Reasoning 2016 by S Chand Experts
  • For Design Sensibility and Awareness: UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness In Design Perspective Combined With Mental & Verbal Aptitude Institute of Creative Sciences
  • Observation and Problem Solving Book: The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition Kindle Edition by Don Norman
  • English Language Book: Objective General English (Old Edition) Paperback – 2011 by R.S. Aggarwal